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Visas and Passports - Terms and Conditions

Description of Services

The name of the business is Visas and Passports Limited. We offer a streamlined online Visa and Passport Processing and Fulfillment Service using automated forms.

Location of Business

We are located at 33J Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland. We are a wholly owned New Zealand Company established in March 2004.


Charges vary depending on the Country the visa is required for and the number of people needing a visa and is calculated at time of purchase. All services are billed in New Zealand dollars. A receipt will be displayed and emailed at the end of the purchase process.

Cancellation Policy

$55 within 2 working days ; No Refund within 2 working days

Delivery Policy

Delivery is dependent on the speed of the respective Consulates involved, which is affected by whether they are located in New Zealand or overseas. We endeavor to streamline the process through our use of online system and offer tracking facility online. Delivery will always be by signature required courier pack to ensure safe delivery.

Privacy Policy

All details obtained online will be held in a secure area and used only for the purpose of processing and the fulfillment of Visa and Passport applications. This information can be accessed or changed by the user at any time by logging in with the supplied/selected login details. Personal information will not be shared with any third party.


Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to ensure the safety of passports and documents during processing and also to obtain visas or passports within the time required, we cannot be held responsible for delays caused by or due to processing times at Embassies or Consulates, transportation, public holidays, incorrect or incomplete documentation, or any other cause beyond our reasonable control. We also will not be responsible for any prepaid travel arrangements, should the visa or the passport not be issued on time or declined. In the event a visa or a passport application is declined, no processing fee will be refunded, only money recovered from the Embassy will be refunded. Visas and Passports Limited will not be responsible for Embassy errors. While every effort will be made to ensure the visa or the passport has been issued correctly, it is the client's responsibility to ensure they have been issued in accordance with their travel plans.
Visas and Passports Ltd reserves the right to charge the Consular fee as requested by the Embassy on the day the visa is issued.

In the event that a visa is not processed in time due to some act or omission on the part of Visas and Passports Ltd, Visas and Passports’s maximum liability shall be to refund in full all Consular and / or Visas and Passports Ltd fees paid to process the visa in question.

In the event of loss or damage to passport(s) whilst being processed the liability of Visas and Passports Ltd shall not exceed the actual replacement cost of the passport(s) concerned.
Visas and Passports Ltd shall be entitled to make additional charges for exceptional circumstances such as return transportation costs when passports have to be sent by special delivery rates rather than in the normal course of work, or in extremely urgent cases where additional communication costs or extra waiting time at Consulates or Embassies is incurred.

NOTE : Notwithstanding all this, what we promise to do is process your Visa and Passport needs as quickly, efficiently and painlessly as possible. If “Heaven Forbid” something does go wrong like some documents go astray (whether it’s our fault or not) – we will move heaven and earth to fix it. Plus at all times you will be kept informed of what is going on so you won’t need to worry unnecessarily.